I have been listening to the Swish Edition for almost two years now. I have been a fan since the first time. I enjoy hearing about their weekends boring and adventurous. Take a listen to their antics and interviews of celebrities and emerging artists.

Beginning July 29, 2013 I, Bryan James (@brief12H), will become a regular contributor of fiction to the Swish Edition website. My series will be called ‘Inside the Beltway’.

Dale & Scott christen yet another new studio with the first full episode of 2014. Yup, no better time than the first day of Fall!

Listen as they talk about Facebook’s dissing of the queens, JLo’s Booty, new movie reboots, Jared Leto’s giant package and more.

I was just checking for podcasts…

Scott & Steve are back after an eight month gap with a special episode taped on an Atlantis Events all-gay cruise charter aboard the Celebrity Equinox in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Listen as the boys chat with the best and most frequent guest of the Swish Edition, the one and only international drag sensation, Miss Sherry Vine. The threesome chat about life on a gay cruise, how Sherry writes all her amazingly dirty and funny parody songs, how her good friend Bianca del Rio is doing in the wake of her RuPaul’s Drag Race win, and much, much more.

Do you hear what I hear? The boys reunite for a Swish Edition Christmas Special. Super gay stories, comment on pop culture, Santa, hijinks, and peppermint schnapps. Coming mid-December!

Find out more and stay up to date: facebook.com/swishedition

I am very excited that future chapters for Inside the Beltway will be posted on Swish Edition (Chapters 1-8), which I am currently working on and that 9 & 10 (already completed) should post soon in the following weeks.

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Ok so this is a bit old but I’m still pretty pumped about the Beekman Boys winning The Amazing Race. I was rooting for them from the start. They played the race with honesty, perseverance, and humility…not to mention a little bit of sass. They were totally the underdogs but never ever gave up. Just…yay. :)

Josh Kilmer-PurcellThe Fabulous Beekman BoysEP206 and EP219

We were thrilled to welcome Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell to the studio this week. Known best as The Beekman Boys–named after their storied farm in upstate New York–this super-cute couple won last season’s The Amazing Race on CBS and they share tales and behind-the-scenes secrets from their trip around the world.

Plus, we chat with the boys about their new campaign to help struggling farmers by selling their own heirloom pasta sauce; how there MIGHT be a big wedding at the farm this summer; how you can go visit them in Sharon Springs, NY; how proud they are that their reality show has successfully portrayed a gay couple without all the stereotypical drama, feathers, and gay bars.